s/s 2016

A collection that is a journey. The contemporary woman's universe and her imaginary androgyny. Unveiled romanticism, extremely light materials, a reminiscence of rural India with Khadi cotton for shirts and pants. Soft and light Kaftans evoking sunny Summer days and nineteenth century transparences...The pragmatic, metropolitan style of round-neck t-shirts and loose jackets , man's cut pants for women who love easy-to-wear elegance. A passion for garment-dyed linen and flat-cotton or fashion cotton. The dream of a long, extremely feminine dress , an emphasis on craftsmanship with a contemporary twist. Pure, fresh , total , essential white. High-waist and low-waist confortable pants, it's up to you, ladies! Simple yet feminine shirts gently following the silhouette with their well-studied cuts. A dress that resembles a long-sleeved maxi t-shirt that softly wraps the body and takes it on a journey accros continents and civilizations. Barbara Tani S/S 2016 collection is a journey into the feminine universe and its multiple facets, all of them to discover....Enjoy the trip!