s/s 2015

The Barbara Tani 2015 Spring/Summer Collection is inspired by Mediterranean landscapes, by the colours of the Libyan Sea, by elegant and eternal Greek architecture.
Natural materials give life to clean cut, straight, almost geometric forms for wide trousers, masterfully designed to fall perfectly, worn without a belt.
Micro t-shirts, also geometrically designed, to wear with high-waisted pants and masculine shoes.
Light dresses with plunging necklines uncover and outline sinuous female curves.
Hand-woven macramé details embellish the straps of tops and cotton garments.
The colours chosen for this collection range from pale cloud-gray to deep blue, and carbon blacks enlivened by red poppy.
Free from contemporary dictates, the Barbara Tani Spring/Summer 2015 Collection is designed for every woman, strong and gentle at the same time, like a great Doric column.
Ironic, non-conformist, free to change her mind, to be able to choose, the Barbara Tani woman plays with the shapes of the garments she wears fearlessly, while always elegant and feminine.