f/w 14-15

The Barbara Tani Fall/Winter 2014 collection in three key words expresses irony, elegance, and color through the simplicity that has always characterized this brand.
The precise lines are almost severe in the lengths of the coats, two-tone knit jersey, always comfortable, leaving the female body freedom of movement. The fabrics in this collection play a very important role. They were chosen and used with extreme care towards creating the model of a contextual image with innovation. Dévoré printed, wide-bottom velvet pants, Caban jackets in stretch wool with rigorous shapes, feminine jackets with bare neck and lining in an undertone of contrasting color, dresses similar to a remake of the classic female wardrobe but with a pleasant fit, “duchesses” redingote in cotton… to play with color in the winter, and wear bright yellow and red, but also the most basic blue and black, without distinction. Irony is the key to elegance… like a fashion icon once said: "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls !" A.H.