s/s 2019

Minimal lines that tell the style of a metropolitan woman. This is the mood of Barbara Tani's spring / summer 2019 collection. Capi characterized by simple and sinuous lines that free the body from any constriction.
The freedom to be elegant and the simplicity of the lines.
A collection inspired by pure minimalism , to clean forms, but without neglecting femininity and feeling beautiful. Qualities that make each piece by Barbara Tani a unique experience for the wearer.
Cotton is the protagonist of the fabrics, interpreted both in the rustic canvas and in a light poplin, in the Cambrai up to the Indian Khadi made in the unified and in the lines.
The new colors of this spring-summer are declined starting from the Mallow to get to the Cherry and then veer towards the Butter and Sand.
Colors that at the end unravel in shades of soft white until in optic white.
Throughout the collection there are references to the sea, its shades and the depths of the abysses themselves.