I took my first steps into the world of fashion at an early age. As soon as I came out of the Institute of Art in Florence, I began to work with several brands, including New York Industrie, for which I have designed more than one collection.
Professional and life experiences have led me to take an independent path where inspiration and creativity are combined with difficult tailoring work and the richness of human relationships and true partnerships.
I think meeting others can enrich our lives and how we see and interpret the world. I try to bring this positivity into my work, with the right amount of irony and fun, which  never hurts.
The most important part of creating a model  for me relates to the choice of fabrics, the tactile sensation they transmit , the wearability they  can ensure. Colors and lines are the components that I work with on a daily basis, trying to infuse each garment with a unique soul, a capacity to  transversely  attract any woman who wants a challenge, to abandon the past, her heavy historical-social baggage, and to go further.
I let every woman interpret my models in her own way, make them her own, so that she can consider them hers  at the very first glance.
To do this, an attention to detail in every stitch, in every cut, is essential. Every part of my work is 100% Made in Italy, from the choice of fabrics, to my  collaborations, up to the cut and  sale. For me, it is a question of ethics with regards to  those who wear my clothes, of  integrity and respect.

 I hope that every piece from my collection evokes  an energy that comes from the love that we put into creating them, that comes into direct contact with the female soul in an intimate dialogue that not only makes them desirable but also accomplices.

Via G.e G. Larini, 33 50050 - Limite sull’Arno (Fi) - C.F./P.IVA IT04995230481 - Privacy - Cookie
Via G.e G. Larini, 33 50050 - Limite sull’Arno (Fi) - C.F./P.IVA IT04995230481 - Privacy - Cookie